Johan WijeSinghe

The practice of architecture is changing!

The information available to us is deafening.

Architecture that was once bound to place, time, and events now arbitrate multiple features, territories, and disciplines reshaping our communities, politics, economy, culture, and environment faster than ever before.

I'm Johan Wijesinghe - My body of operates within this complex context expanding the designer's role and engaging the built environment through computation, materiality, and social intervention.

I currently work between Los Angeles and Portland at LEVER Architecture as a Desinger and Researcher.

Prior to my time with LEVET I collaborated with the UCL computation lab and Gilles Retsin Architecture in several competitions and pavilions in London, including the Invisible Landscapes III- Real Virtuality at the Invisible Landscapes III - Real Virtuality at the British Royal Academy. Previously worked with Escher GuneWardena in Los Angeles completing cultural art productions such as The Jewelled Isle exhibition at LACMA, Flora Animalia's Studio, and various historic conservation projects.

I hold a Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc) and an MSc in Architecture and Computation from the - University College London.

I have participated in many installation and outreach programs during my education, including the Central Hub for the Opera "Hopscotch"; a participant in the teaching programs such as the Pop Arch workshop at Inner-City Arts Los Angeles; Augmented Timber Construction at Tong-Ji University in Shanghai; and a participant in the 15th Venice Biennale as part of Kazuyo Sejima's project for redeveloping Inujima.