Augmented Timber Assembly  

Digitial Futures Workshop - Shanghai 
Workshop Lead/
Gilles Retsin with Technical Tutors of Kevin Saey, Johan Wijesinghe and Wenqain Yang.

A workshop exploring how Augmented Reality could be used for timber construction assembly.  We used the Mictosoft Hololens to overlay the digital model in physical space, indicating the position of each piece –lego like block and their connections. Furthermore, the modularity of the timber blocks allows for interactivity between the model and the construction as the parts can be placed anywhere and adapted. Using AR to send instructions directly from the digital model to the team working on-site and with tracking, markers confirm and update the digital model allows us to envision what a fully automated construction process would look like.

Image 01 – Overlaying the digital model into real space with a set of instructions for how to assemble the part.

Image 02 – Timber modular parts with digital tracking markers embedded that allow the physical part to be linked and update the digital model in real-time. Allows the designer to change, tweak and readapt the model to fit their intended vision while updating in full scale. 

Image 03 – Installation of Timber modular parts in housing block configuration.