Reimagining Inujima 

Instructor/ Kazuyo Sejima (SANAA)  
Study Abroad/ Universität für angewandte Kunst , Wien

Vernacular Synergies

Partners: Niklas Knap and Nicolas Gold

Vernacular Synergies answers to the challenges of depopulation that Inujima faces within the next 50 years.

By introducing the hospice and care facilities to the vernacular conditions on the island, its identity transforms into a diverse community and reinvents the hospice typology by extroverting the program. It thereby answers to lack of individuality and diversity found in the Japanese care system of today. The urban strategy is composed by three steps: the function distribution that spreads the program to activate the entire island, the network adaptation, which adapts the hospice to the island’s vernacular order and clustering the existing buildings according to proximity and size. The vernacular growth logic of the island has been used to locate these units; the public functions are located at the end of roads, as destination while the living units have been located in the existing vernacular architecture of the island. Each cluster is evaluated and programmed with a series of ‘in-between spaces’ according to their unique spatial relationships in order to define central courtyard. A perforated roof and a ground condition is framing each space in order to create diverse social relations as well as blending the spaces and reactivate the pathways.