House: Los Alamos 

Instructor/ Dwayne Oyler

Within the question of the domestic is the tradition of incongruous relationships that exists between volume and the container. A linage from the classical roman villas, villa capra, muller house, where the exterior and interior are held in tension and opposition. In other words, the primary a preconstructed whole figures and the secondary programmatic are subservient to the global container.

An exercise of demolished hierarchy in a fix plan, where characteristics of the void or inverse objects (f) sustains an equal reading of the both positive and negative masses subdue a central hierarchy. In the project, reading both as piles of objects clipped or rather nestled into a border or the border being carved away. The resulted condition in the building is three fragmented parts, or three distinct buildings, The projects decisions then oscillates between two camps; one conflict or contradiction and the other of unity and reconstruction. Disparate part is its own world the begins to be unified by the tension of the container and the major void. Three relationships are drawn to each object, Subversion as one enters through a ground canopy into the first stage, into something that could be read classically layering the back of house to (piano Nobele) space the living room space to third layer of the bedrooms. Similarly, a contradictory condition of the ground is artificially created, as an erasure and unification of the cube to the site, conflicting with moments of eccentricities voiding inlays carving away at the ground below. Read diagrammatically, the voided figure of the interior condition; dividing the exterior purity.

The materialization appears as notation to revival the volumes of Construction, rendering to dissolve the volumes inherent fragmentation and the referencing a new unity of the object as it is reconstructed through a new pattern.

An interesting to challenge to the method frames and assembly unified through objects of process where the model is inverted and curating and specific spaces become a starting point.